About Us

We Are the Sherwood Restoration Company That Always Stands for Integrity

Our employees are highly skilled, well trained, uniformed, adequately equipped, and certified. We understand that Service Pro Restoration customers want the best, that is why we employ staff with great professionalism and integrity. All Service Pro Restoration employees undergo thorough verification prior to being hired and get more in-house training to have the ability to respond to emergencies appropriately. Service Pro Restoration teams are composed of 20 or more certified employees.

  • All our staff experiences extra in-house IICRC accredited training in water damage restoration.
  • We do not accept employees provided by external placement agencies for employment or for filling any vacant positions
  • IICRC certified employees only perform every Service Pro Restoration service.
  • We strictly follow OSHA, WHMIS regulations, and any other applicable safety regulations when providing our services.
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President Jonathan Parker and Vice President Samatha Parker.

Make Filing Insurance Claims Simple and Quick

Here at Sherwood Service Pro Restoration, our project managers will handle all those tedious details for you and directly billing your insurance company for you to get an approved claim. Since our company is considered to be a preferred vendor by numerous major insurance companies, we can work hand-in-hand together with any insurance carrier for the purpose of decreasing the property loss. We are also capable of assisting you with the retrieval of those personal items that you value so much, like clothing, electronics, cherished family heirlooms, jewelry, and other personal things.

What About Uninsured Losses?

When it comes to uninsured losses, we are offering convenient payment plans for assisting you with those unwelcome out-of-pocket expenses. 

We use very efficient scientific procedures of drying to perform our services. All the equipment, our employees use is cleaned and decontaminated for every single use.

Our truck-mounted extraction techniques provide the power which is used to handle large and small sewer backups.