Water Damage Restoration Techniques Seminar by Service Pro Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Informative Seminar by Service Pro Restoration.

Service Pro Restoration Sherwood is an experienced and trusted water restoration company that has been serving its clients for decades. The organization not only has the newest technologies, but we also have advanced educational events and training. That is why Service Pro Restoration Sherwood Company will organize an important event in Sherwood, Arkansas, on water damage restoration on 11th Jan 2020 at 10:00 a.m. It’ll be an educational event, and also the objective of this event is to enlighten the public with the water damage guide. The event will last for 1- 4 hours to educate the people about the fundamental concepts of water damage, and its restoration processes. The owner and representative of this firm Noah Everton, who’s also the speaker of the event, will be present along with his Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC) technicians. Located near Miller Crossings and Autumnbrook in the Hill Township, Service Pro Restoration Sherwood has been serving Pulaski County and the general Arkansas population since 2009.

Water Damage Techniques – Informative Event.

Mr. Noah Everton, the owner of Service Pro Restoration Sherwood has been emphasizing the importance of creating awareness regarding the water damage process, since most of the time, this critical problem is dealt very unprofessionally from the house and business owners themselves, leading to catastrophic damage to their buildings. Mr. Noah Everton expressed his views on the water damage situation and said,

“Water damage could affect you far more than you can ever imagine. Our group of IICRC certified professionals has been helping Pulaski County residents for over 10 years, and we feel honored to assist our customers with an exclusive learning opportunity by hosting a Water Damage Seminar at our company office conference hall each Saturday.”

The event will be held in the business office located in Sherwood, Arkansas. Anyone who wants to know more about water damage fundamentals and restoration services can attend the event. The business owners of the areas who offer restoration services, or want such a service within their own businesses may also be a part of the occasion. This event is available for businesses related to plumbing, home inspection, real estate, insurance companies as they will need to know the basics of water damage and restoration services. The contractors of companies managing the pieces of equipment linked to the water damage restoration process are also welcome to attend the event.

The trained and specialist speakers of the Service Pro Restoration Sherwood Company will also speak on the safety concerns in detail. They will brief the attendees about the activities to address this nightmare. The speakers will make people understand that the key precaution they should take, rather than being frightened, to halt the damage increase further. Actions like locating the origin of water leakage, attempting to shut off the source of water and electricity, moving furniture away from the damaged area, preventing sewage-contaminated water can lower the extension of damage before the professional help can reach them. To know more about the services provided by the company, check their website: http://serviceprosherwood.com/

This detailed water damage introduction seminar can be helpful for all those interested in learning about the water damage process and restoration techniques. Mr. Noah Everton will himself offer a thorough breakdown of the disastrous effects of water damage on a building and his team of IICRC certified technicians will proceed with technical information regarding different facets of the water restoration process. These pros are going to share the crux of their hard-earned learning and experience in an easy to understand manner for everyone to benefit their best. It’s surely an exceptional opportunity to learn this valuable information in the water restoration professionals.

Mr. Noah Everton based Service Pro Restoration Sherwood in 2009, a licensed restoration company that helps individuals in emergent and catastrophic situations concerning fire and water damage to buildings. With an A+ business bureau rating, they are proudly serving the community by providing 24/7 emergency response and rebuilding homes damaged by storms, inadequate plumbing or accidental fire damage. They also work with insurance companies to restore damaged homes to livable conditions with their team of highly qualified technicians. Service Pro Restoration Sherwood provides a quick response of one-hour, and their state of the art machinery will rid you of your water damage problem forever!